The work on this web site will be ongoing as the International Ragdoll Congresses (IRC) continue to be held far into the future.  It has been the desire of many within the Ragdoll community that there should be one place where all the information on the congresses could be found.  This web site is the effort to make that desire a reality.  I want to thank Sue Shorey for all the hard work that she has put into creating this web site and gathering information for it.

In order to make sure that this effort continues well into the future, a Permanent International Ragdoll Congress committee has been formed to oversee the selection of future locations and cat clubs that the committee will need to work with to put on a great IRC.

The committee will work hard to maintain a balance between the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and perhaps another congress in Europe.  It will also be their responsibility to maintain the rotation of the IRC between TICA & CFA.  They will also have the job of maintaining the IRC web site, and perhaps another project that is in the planning stages.

On this web site you will find information on each of the Congresses that have been held.
1.  With the information on each congress you will also find pictures of the people and Ragdolls entered.
2.  You will find an article on the BIRTH OF THE IRC.
3.  What goes into the planning of an IRC and the committees that work so hard on them.
4.  Winning results in each class of the congress.
5.  Number of Ragdolls entered in each of the Congresses
6.  Names of the Judges for the congress.
7.  There will also be pictures and stories of some of those who have work on the committees.


Wain Pearce   Chairperson
Jill Hopper
Sue Shorey
Ken Staples
Brigitte Jean-Duguay
JaNeil Cillessen
Lisa Barsalona
Jonathan Koskas