2nd IRC Las Vegas, Nevada

Aug 31- Sept 3, 2000

The 1st International Ragdoll Congress (IRC) was a great success, but it was not without some problems.  The IRC committee chose to look upon these problems as a learning experience, and to be eliminated prior to the next Congress.

The 1st International Ragdoll Congress was hardly over before the Ragdoll community was asking if there would be another one, and if so when and where it would be held.  It was decided to continue with the International Ragdoll Congresses and to hold them every two years in the even numbered years.  The decision was made to hold the next IRC on the West coast.  The Jazzy Cat club was hosting the 2000 TICA Annual in Las Vegas NV, and they expressed an interest in hosting the IRC in conjunction with the TICA Annual.  An agreement was reached with them to work together.  The show would be held on September 2-3, The IRC would start two days earlier to allow for holding the Educational and Breed Seminars, as well as the Congresses.  The Show hotel would be the famous Circus, Circus, and the Cat Show would be held at the Cashman Center.

The first step of every congress is to form a committee that will be responsible for organizing and putting on the congress.  A committee was created consisting of:

Wain Pearce——————–Chairperson
Lorna Wallace——————-International Chairperson
Linda Kauffman—————–Educational Seminar Chairperson
Denise Christensen————–Ways and Means Chairperson
Isabelle Bellavance—————Breed Seminar Chairperson

Linda Kauffman provided the congress with some fantastic speakers for the Educational Seminar.
Neil Pederson spoke on FIP and Cattery Management
Mark Kittleson spoke on the latest findings about HCM in cats.
Carolyn Vella & Lorraine Shelton spoke in the afternoon.

Denise Christensen our Ways & Means Chairperson ran an exceptional Raffle that provided some early money to work with in putting on another outstanding congress.

Isabelle Bellavance & TICA judge Pam Barrett conducted a very interesting Breed Seminar.

The Judges for the Congress were:
Edith Mary Smith————–Championship
Connie Webb—————–Alters
Linda Kay Ashley————–Kittens

The cat show was a 450 limit show, and while there were not as many Ragdolls as there had been in Secaucus, the Ragdolls were the dominate breed in the show.

Ragdolls entered in the show:
Total Ragdolls                80

Several International Ragdoll Clubs provided trophies for the congress for the top three in each class.
British Ragdoll Club———Championship
IG-Ragdoll Club————Kittens

Top 3 Ragdolls in Championship
BEST————S Krickelins Emporio of Medieval  Breeder: Christine Landin, Owner: Connie Harvey
2nd Best———RitzyRags Polaris of Ragleby     Breeder: Serge Merchal  Owner: Mary Seal
3rd Best———Kachina Dolls Prince Gray Son    B/O Barbara Bradley

Top 3 Ragdolls in Alters
BEST———-C.P. Rags  Born to Run   B/O  Charlie & Pat Myers
2nd Best——Grandharbor Dakota    B/O  Maryjane Blanchfield
3rd Best——Chatandolls Hanuman of Indiandolls   Breeder: Fay McGee-Waldner   Owner: India Mace

Top 3 in Ragdolls Kittens
BEST———Furreal Caesar Chavez  B/O  Cliff & Mary Riddell
2nd Best——Fancyrags Sterling Silver of Grandharbors    Breeder: Susan Leach  Owner:  Mary Jane Blanchfield
3rd Best——Dollhouse Tommy Hilfinger    B/O   JaNeil Cillessen

A very big thank you to all the Ragdoll clubs and individuals who helped to make this another great congress for our Ragdolls and their owners.  I am not sure if there were any big winners at the casinos, but there were many big winners in the Ragdoll Community.