3rd IRC Denver, Colorado

August 15-18, 2002

Following the 2nd International Ragdoll Congress plans were immediately underway for planning the 3rd IRC.  It was decided that since the 1st IRC had been on the East Coast, and the 2nd on the West Coast, that the 3rd should be held in the Midwest.  A great committee was quickly formed, and a decision was made to hold the congress in Denver, Colorado.  We had learned during the first two congresses that one of the most important needs for a successful congress was to have a good club and show manager to work with.  In JaNeil Cillessen and her TICA cat club we had a match made in heaven.

The dates for the show would be August 15-18, 2002, and JaNeil would be the show manager for the show.  John & JaNeil turned out to be the best team that the IRC committee had ever worked with.  They and their TICA club went out of their way in helping the IRC committee obtain an outstanding facility to hold the Educational Seminar and the Breed Seminar.  They gave us free space to set up and run a raffle table to help raise money for the congress.  To top it all off they opened their beautiful home and invited everyone to an outdoor barbecue in their backyard, with a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.  The setting and the food were great, and the weather couldn’t have been better.

The members of the IRC committee all worked very hard to make this the best congress it could possibly be.  Linda Kauffman was the chairperson for the Education Committee, and did an outstanding job of coming up with a great speakers for the Educational Seminar in Dr. Susan Little, who spoke on the subjects of Feline neonatal & Normal male reproduction.  Linda also recruited Heather Lorimer Ph.D Columbia University, to speak on Basic Genetics.  Both Seminars were well attended and very informative with plenty or time for question and answers.  I think everyone learned a great deal from them.

The Breed Seminar was put on by Isabelle Bellavance and TICA judge Bobby Tullo.  They put on one of the best Breed Seminars that I had ever attended.  Several of the TICA judges attended including TICA President Kay DeVillibis.  There was a tremendous give and take between the Ragdoll Breeders and the TICA judges attending.  The judges shared with us what they are looking for as the they take the cat out of the cage, and bring it to the judging table.  They said that the cat is usually half judged by the time it reaches the table.  The judges have a very routine manner in handling each cat. They try to do each cat the same way so that they don’t miss anything.  Several suggestions for the Ragdoll standard were made by the judges to clarify what we meant by certain words.

Dawn Moline and Nancy Stuck did an outstanding job with the Raffle.  They spent a lot of time gathering prizes and selling tickets for the raffle.  They were able to raise a large amount of money for the congress. People loved the many prizes that had been generously donated by so many of  the people.  Dick Kauffman did a fabulous  job videoing the Educational Seminar.  He also spent a lot of his time watching over the raffle table and the trophies that were going to be awarded following the show.

We had several International Ragdoll breeders attending the show.  Linn Currie from South Africa, Eva Schwarzenhauer and her son from Germany.  Shinobu “Ashley” Oda from Japan.  Linn Currie brought the most beautiful trophies all the way from South Africa.  They were hand carved wooden animals representing the 3 big animals from South Africa.  She also donated 3 large Rosettes with real porcupine quills sticking out the top, they were gorgeous.
The judges for the congress were:

Championship———-Pam Barrett
Alters—————–D’Ann Kolvic
Kittens—————-Hisako Yamada

Number of Ragdolls entered in the Congress:

The winning Ragdolls in the 3rd International Ragdoll Congress were:


1.  Dollhouse My Only Sunshine  B/O JaNeil Cillessen
2.  Ragato Beau Bently of Heavenlydoll  B: Karen Glenn  O: Laura Wilson & Sharon Steadman
3.  Marisa’s Bittersweet Symphony  B/O  Marilyn Wagner

1.  Bluegrass Southern Kid  B/0 Cindy Carpenter & Regina Jordan
2.  Chatandolls Shadow  B/0  Fay McGee- Waldner
3.  Dollhouse Adonis of Akatsakat  B: JaNeil Cillessen  O: Tracey McCullough

1.  Ragalong Cliffhanger of Furreal  B: Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale  O: Cliff & Mary Riddell
2.  Kebekat Angel Eyes  B/O Isabelle Bellavance
3.  Dollhouse Molly Brown  B/O JaNeil Cillessen

1.  Marisa’s Bittersweet Symphony  B/0 Marily Wagner
2.  Rags2riches Ouando of Kittyhaven  B: Scottie Cone  O: Dawn Moline
3.  Rags2riches Michelle  B/0  Scottie Cone
4.  Dollhouse My Only Sunshine  B/O  JaNeil Cillessen
5.  Ransdell’s Lady Adriana  B/O  Jean Ransdell
6.  Chatandoll’s Show Time Dolly  B: Fay McGee-Waldner  O:  Wain & Jeanne Pearce
7.  Ragalong Rascal  B/O  Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale
8.  Catbirdandco Bodacious of Lovadoll  B; Brenda Hammett  O: Janie Lineberry
9.  Grandharbor Agassiz  B:  Maryjane Blanchfield  O: Jenny Satyavelu
10. Meadowpurrs Gilmore of Masquerag  B: Brenda Whyde Parish  O: Laura Wilson & Sharon Steadman

1.  Dollhouse Adonis of Akatsakat  B: JaNeil Cillessen  O: Tracey McCullough
2.  Michicats Mojo Workin  B/O Nancy Stuck
3.  Kachiandolls PPC of Hidsrtdolls  B: Barbara Bradley  O:April Maybee
4.  Holly Farms Root Beer Bandit  B/O Wain & Jeanne Pearce
5.  Dollhouse Barbie  B/O  JaNeil Cillessen
6.  Vistawinds Zeus  B/O  Alison Manville
7.  Grandharbor Sugarfoot  B/O  Alison Manville
8.  Bluegrass Southern Kid  B/O Cindy Carpenter & Regina Jordan
9.  Ragalong Rhapsody in Blue  B/O Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale
10. Chanandolls Shadow  B/O  Fay McGee-Waldner

1.  Ragalong Cliffhanger of Furreal. B: Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale  O: Cliff & Mary Riddell
2.  Kebekat Angel Eyes  B/O Isabelle Bellavance
3.  Kebekat Chantelle  B/O Isabelle Bellavance
4.  Hearthrob’s Frankie  B/O Chris Watklevicz
5.  Ragalong Blue Symphony  B/O Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale
6.  Raglin’s Noni Kanzi of Hearthrop  B: Linn Currie  O: Chris Watklevicz
7.  Bluegrass Tommy’s Reflection  B: Regina Jordan  O: Judy Mackey
8.  Longfellow Puff Daddy  B/O  Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale
9.  Ragalong Coastal Blue Breeze  B/O  Alan & Marilyn McCorkindale
10. Kauffman Kats Tianna Marie  B/O Linda Kauffman