4th IRC Ruesselsheim, Germany

October 21-24, 2004

The first three International Ragdoll Congresses (IRC) proved to be well supported by the Ragdoll community regardless of where they were held. It had started on the East coast in Secaucus NJ, and moved to the West coast, Las Vegas NV, and then to The Midwest, Denver CO. Having held the first three IRC’s in the United States with great success, it was felt that we should hold the 4th IRC in Europe in 2004. The committee began a search for a TICA club with several Ragdoll members in it to host the next IRC somewhere in Europe.

We found the exactly what we were looking for when the RFCI European Regional Director Amy Stadter who lives in Germany offered to submit a proposal for her TICA Cats German-American cat club to host the 4th IRC in Germany in 2004. Amy who was President of the hosting club would also serve as the show manager for the congress. The site that she chose was Ruesselheim, Germany, a city about 12 miles from Frankfurt and it’s International airport. The dates chosen were October 21-24, 2004.

Having a Ragdoll breeder not only as President of the hosting club, but who would also serve as the show manager was a dream come true. It would be similar to the same situation that we had had in the very successful Denver IRC. Germany is centrally located and within easy reach of many of the other European countries. This w ould make for a large turn out of Ragdoll breeders with a strong showing of Ragdolls.

After receiving approval from the IRC to host the 4th IRC, Amy set to work to make this another great congress. The show would be a 12 ring show plus 3 Ragdoll congresses. There would be a Banquet held on Saturday evening, as well as two days of Educational Seminars which would be held on Thursday and Friday. The Educational seminars would be conducted by Dr. Susan Little DVM and All Breed Judge Beth Hicks. Subjects taught by Dr. Susan Little were:

Feline Pediatrics
Feline Inherited Diseases
Selecting Breeding Stock
Early Age Altering
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Breed Survey Project

Classes taught by AB Judge Beth Hicks were:

How We Judge
Ragdoll Breed Seminar
Maine Coon Breed Seminar

Amy set up a number of tours for those who wanted to see more of Germany while they were there. Some of the outstanding sites that were available were the famous Dome in Cologne, or if you wanted to sample some real beer you could travel to Munich and the Oktobefest and/or visit the King Ludwig castle. In Heidelberg you could visit the Beer Museum.

Amy and her club received tremendous support from many of the Ragdoll Clubs in Europe. Amy set up a website for the Congress and soon other European Ragdoll Clubs began including information about the congress on their websites and in their newsletters. The Scandinavian Ragdoll Club, for example, wrote on their website that they were planning to charter a bus and also lodging for their members. The Dutch Ragdoll Club set a link to the Congress homepage on the front page of their clubs website, they also published an article about the Congress in their newsletter the “Ragazine”. One member of both the Dutch Ragdoll Club and the RFCI joked that for the Dutch it was going to be a matter of national pride to outnumber the count of Ragdolls being exhibited from any other country.

The European Ragdoll breeders turned out their Ragdolls in large numbers. Ragdolls entered in the show were:
New Traits————-1
Exhibition Only——– 7

The TICA Judges for the show were:
Beth Hicks
Lynne Sherer
Pamela Barrett
Judy Chapetta
Kay DeVilbiss
Kurt Vlach
Michael Hammond

Judges for the International Ragdoll Congress were:
Championship——Beth Hicks
Kittens————Pam Barrett
Alters————-Harvey DeVilbiss

There were 73 Ragdoll breeders and exhibitors who came to the Congress from 12 different countries. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves at the 4th IRC.

1. Calaquendi Dolls Choco Mousse Owner Mady & Paul Janssens
2. Max von Paradiesquell Owner Carmen Doswald
3. Aschwintha Eliza My Fair Lady Owner Hennie Dool
4. Sweety vom Tannensteig Owner Grit Jauch
5. Billy Jean v.d. Spessart Raeubern Owner Kerstin Noack
6. Carryduff’s Whitney Owner Susanne Hartung
7. Ragmagic Sensational Sadie Owner Amy & Ralph Stadter
8. Vulkandolls Aragorn Owner Birgit Biermann
9. Vivien vom Tannensteig Owner S. Hagenlocher-Jaberg
10. Bluemellows Hold Back The River Owner Anke & Duncan Read

1. Krickelins Chili Pepper Owner S. Hagenlocher-Jaberg
2. Waldelben Anaya Owner Susanne Hartung
3. Samaria’s Deianira Owner Marion Bluemechen
4. Carryduff’s Oona Owner Susanna Hartung
5. Maiken Star of bounty Owner Susanne Auen
6. Dragonpaws Hermine Owner Nicole & Ulli Maas
7. Snoopy vom Tannensteig Owner Silke Ludwig
8. Carryduff’s Yustin Owner G. Kippe/I. Mueller
9. Brier Rose Charmer Music Man Owner Hennie Dool
10. Soulmates Blue Lucky Boy Owner Lora Tesh/J. Lughart

1. Waldenben’s Helena of Ragmagic Owner Amy & Ralph Stadter
2. Dimenuetto CatsRaggi Diamant Owner Daisy Wouters
3. Ragmagic’s Magic Wand Owner Amy & Ralph Stadter
4. Unknown *
5. Ragmagic’s Que Sera Sera Owner Amy & Ralph Stadter
6. Hogwarthspride Prince Legolas Owner Marion & Ulrich Zenker
7. Unknown *
8. Unknown *
9. Unknown *
10. Unknown *

* The names of these cats and their owners were not listed on the result page.
If your cat was the winner of any of the unknown places, please let me know
and I will be glad to enter them on the web site. wainpearce@mac.com

BEST of the BEST Alters
1. Ragmagic’s Magic Wand— Amy and Ralph Stadter
2. Ragmagic’s Que Sera Sera—Amy and Ralph Stadter
3. Waldelben’s Just Do It—G. Kippe/I. Mueller
4. Waldelben’s Helena of Ragmagic—Amy and Ralph Stadter
5. Hogwarthspride Prince Legolas—Marion and Ulrich Zenker

BEST of the BEST Championship
1. Snoopy vom Tannensteig—Silke Ludwig
2. Samaria’s Delanira—Marion Bluemchen
3. Chatandolls Mieko of Hogwarthspride—Marion and Ulrich Zenker
4. Furreal Queens Dulce—Cliff and Mary Riddell
5. Furreal Zoes Rosarita—Cliff and Mary Riddell

BEST of the BEST Kittens
1. Ragmagic Luna Lovegood—Amy and Ralph Stadter
2. Max vom Paradiesquell—Carmen Doswald
3. Calaquendi Dolls Choco Mousse—Mady and Paul Jenssens
4. Hogwarthspride Rising Star—Marion and Ulrich Zenker
5. Sweety vom Tannensteig—Grit Jauch