5th IRC Sacramento, California

October 13-15, 2006

In 2006 there did not seem to be a lot of interest in putting on another International Ragdoll Congress until Mary Riddell and Carol Jaquez who had been planning a Ragdoll Congress in Sacramento, California, began thinking about the possibility of expanding it into an International Ragdoll Congress (IRC) and thus the 5th IRC was born, with Mary and Carol as co-chairpersons. They chose Sacramento, CA as the site and the Jazzy Cats, Cat Club would be the hosting club they would be working with. The dates chosen were October 13-15, 2006.

Despite getting somewhat of a late start, they soon had the planning running in high gear in preparation for the 5th IRC. Dr. Meurs was recruited for the Educational Seminar. The Breed Seminar I believe was given by Linda Kauffman. The Banquet and Awards ceremony was scheduled for Saturday evening. The Judges selected for the Ragdoll Congress were:

Championship—Aline Noel
Kittens———Al Walbrun
Alters———-Jeff Roberts

Several people began arriving for the 5th IRC on Wednesday, awaiting them were a beautiful gift bag that Carol had made up for each person. The gift bags were large canvas bags with a blue bicolor, screen printed on it. Within the bags were an assortment of things for both the cats and their humans. There were cat pads , a scratcher, toys, cat food, and cat vitamins. Wednesday evening they all went to dinner at the Elephant Bar and Restaurant where everyone had a great time not to mention a great meal.

Thursday was the day to visit San Francisco that beautiful city by the bay. They used two cars with Mary driving a Van and Stuart Jaquez driving a SUV. It was a wonderful day of sight seeing, They stopped at the World Famous San Francisco Wharf for lunch. At 6:30 pm, the group met at Pier 3 for a dinner cruise aboard the Hornblower ship. The food was excellent, and what a beautiful view of San Francisco they had from out in the harbor. They sailed under the Golden Gate bridge and by 11:30 they were all back in their hotel.

Friday morning everyone gathered in the Educational Seminar room to here Dr. Meurs speak on the dreaded disease of HCM. Dick and Linda Kauffman filmed the seminar to make DVD’s to sell with the proceeds going to the HCM Fund. Dr.. Meurs said that when you have a necropsy done on a cat you suspect of having HCM make sure your Vet sends in at least 3 samples from various parts of the heart for testing. The only way you can be sure if the cat died of HCM is by it’s fiber disarray. If the cat has a severe case of HCM, probably only about 5% to 30% of the heart will contain the fibers affected. If your Vet only takes one little sample they may miss it completely. Another key thing that she mentioned was that Hyperthyroidism and High Blood Pressure will cause thickening of the heart, but usually does not kill the cat, they are treatable diseases.

During the cat show Friday night, a raffle was held for HCM and there was $587.00 worth of tickets sold and three large donations for the HCM Fund totaling $700.00. Saturday evening was a night of great excitement, as following the banquet and the Breed Seminar, the trophies for the Top Three in each class of the Congress would be awarded, as well as the large rosettes for the Top Ten in each class.

Many of the judges in the show attended the Breed Seminar and actively participated in the discussion of how we could make the Ragdoll Standard better. In turn the breeders sought to make the judges understand what they mean by the descriptions in the standard. The show ended on Sunday, and I think that while they were all tired, they all had had a good time at the congress, meeting old friends and making new ones.

1.   Echoglen Sophia of Finerpointrags B. Laura Nielsen O. Mary Ann Blasso
2.   Mtnspring Raggedy Andy B/O Dawn Sibley
3.   Rockrags Maggie Mae of Furreal B. Charles/Cheryl Bond O. Mary Riddell/Gina Mackey
4.   Hushabyerags Isabella B/O Kimberly Neubauer
5.   Furreal Soft As Silk B/O Mary Riddell
6.   Regencyrags Coquettish Delight B/O Denise Jordan
7.   Tinsle Misty Dawn B/O Pat Day
8.   Furreal Red River B. Mary/Cliff Riddell O. Bonnie Wright
9.   Designerdolls B/O Jenny Satyavelu
10. Razldazldolls Samantha B. Cindy De Wolfe O. Mary Ann Blasso


1.   Riterrags MyBlueheaven of Rockcreek B. Deborah Parks 0. Jane Tye-Balter
2,   Furreal Skys Hot B/O Mary Riddell
3.   Riterags Milagro of Furreal B. Deborah Parks O. Mary Riddell
4.   Emilysragdolls Fire Dancing Cochise B Emily Hiscott O. Anne/Eric/Zack Paul
5.   Adorabledolls Cisco Kid of Furreal B. Stuart Jaquez O. Mary Riddell
6.   Furreal Zapata B/O Mary Riddell
7.   Westcoastrags Hocuspocus Binks B. Tamara Carlson O. Heather Pierce
8.   Riterags Wyatt of Adorabledolls B. Carol Jaquez O. Stuart Jaquez
9.   Furreal Versachi of Adorabledolls B. Carol Jaquez O. Stuart Jaquez
10. Echoglen Natalie of Ragtimeblues B. Kris/Laura Nielsen O. Bonnie Smith

1.   Dollhouse Pandemonium B. JaNeill Cillessen 0. Jill Adams
2.   Furreal Prince Charming Ringo Star B. Mary Riddell O. Harvey/Linda Watters
3.   Ragtimeblues Silly Sammy B/O Bonnie Smith
4.   Dollhouse Forever in Blue Genes B/O Ja Neill Cillessen
5.   Camelotdolls Beaubailey B. Diane Thompson 0. Sherry Kensinger
6.   Razldazldolls Echo Dude B/O Pete/Cindy De Wolfe
7.   RagpawzRiver of Adorabledolls B. Kim Daugherty O. Carol Jaquez
8.   Ragalong Cliffhanger of Furreal B. M. Young/A. McCorkindale O. Cliff/ Mary Riddell
9.   Ragalong Majestic Micetro B/O Alan/Marilyn McCorkindale
10. Hushabyerags Slider B. H. Pierce/K. Neubauer O. Sean Rutkowski