6th IRC Chicago, Illinois

March 28-30, 2008

The 6th International Ragdoll Congress (IRC) will go down in remembrance as one of the best IRC’s ever.  Dawn Moline and Linda Kauffman played a major role in making this congress the very best that it could be, utilizing many innovative ideas some that had not been tried before.   After one false start the theme for this congress was “INTERNATIONAL,” one of the ways that was chosen to give it an International look was for each ring to have an International theme to represent the Ragdoll Breeders from the many countries that would be attending.

Chicago, Illinois was chosen as the site and and the cat club that the IRC Committee would be working with would be the Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts (GLACE) a TICA club.  The date chosen was March 28-30, 2008 and the show hotel would be the beautiful Doubletree Rosemont O’Hare and the show hall would right across the street from it the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.  These two builds were connected by a sky way so you could travel from one to the other no matter what the weather was.

The IRC Committee was formed with:
Wain Pearce——-Co-Chairperson representing IRC
Dawn Moline——Co-Chairperson representing Glace
Linda Kauffman—-Education Chairperson
Mary Riddell——Breed Seminar Co-Chairperson
Carol Jaque——-Breed Seminar Co-Chairperson
Wain Pearce——-Selling Ring Sponsorships
Linda Kauffman—-Fund Raising & Hospitality Manager
Nancy Stuck——-Raffle Chairperson
Dawn Moline——Co-Show Manager
Heather Goepfert—Co-Show Manger
Susan Lee———Hotel Liaison
Bill Lee———–Convention Center Liaison

For the Educational Seminar linda Kauffman had signed well known Dr. Susan Little to speak on FIP.  Dr. Susan agreed to have a question and answer period following her lecture and she would answer questions not only on FIP, but other issues as well.

Mary & Carol conducted a very informative Breed Seminar following the Banquet on Saturday evening.  They covered not only the current standard but changes they were hoping to see made to the standard the next year.  Several of the TICA judges attended the seminar and actively participated in the discussions.

There were a number of first in this congress.  For the first time the IRC had it’s own web site and was able to keep the Ragdoll community current on the progress for the congress.  Linda came up with the idea that we could help the Ragdoll people in the show by providing a hospitality room where they could stop during scheduled hours and have some free food and drink and thereby help reduce the cost of being at the show.  The hospitality room was a wonderful place to gather and meet and greet the many people at the show.

Whereas all the previous IRC’s had had only one ring of judging in each class (I believe is was Dawn Moline that came up with the idea to have each class Championship, Kitten and Alters judged in three separate rings by three different judges.

The judges for the congress were Pam Barrett, Bill Lee, and Hisako Yamada.  Each ring gave out large beautiful rosettes to their top 10 Ragdolls in their ring.  The scores were averaged in each of the three classes to come up with the top ten in Kittens, Cats and Alters.  Following the Saturday evening banquet trophies were awarded to the top 3 Cats, Kittens and Alters, plaques were awarded to the 4th through 10th place Cats, Kittens and Alters.  This proved to be very popular with those showing their Ragdolls in the congress.

This Congress set may records for the IRC’s that may never be broken:
Largest number of Ragdolls entered in  a show–129
Largest Banquet–100 people attended
Largest Educational Seminar attendance–80

A GREAT deal of the credit for the hugh success of this congress go to Dawn Moline & Linda Kauffman who did a fantastic job of making the trains run on time and providing those little special touches that made this congress so special.  There were many people who contributed money, time and hard work but these two stand out for their many contributions.

For the 2008 congress each class was judged by 3 different judges.  The scores were calculated the same way as the TICA show reports are calculated and were done by the Great Lakes Regional Director J. Christian.

BEST-RiteRags James Bond
Owner: Jennifer Gibson2nd Best- GalaxyRags Triton of Bluestone
Owner: Stacia Shafer

3rd Best- Bellapalazzo Jereme
Owner: Mindy Ferreria

4th Best- RiteRAGS Soliel Lune of Brightstone
Owner: David Nudleman

5th Best- Kittyhaven Kalidascope Illusions
Owner Dawn Moline

6th Best- Pacificats Abby Road Favorite Treat
Owner: E. Van Mullem/WJ Van Eijkhof

7th Best- Celestral Molly McIntyler
Owner: Lynne & Steve Chmelar

8th Best- Arcticblue Coppers Last Stand
Owner: Shelley Wood

9th Best- Overlandtrl Wild Bill of Calirags
Owner: Mark & Margaret Schidler

10th Best- Rockabyerags Dakota of Keepurrs
Owner: Christie Lyons

BEST- Furreal Streakers Hope
Owner: Mary Riddell2nd Best- Cashmererags Yu Ki
Owner: Lorna Kelly

3rd Best- Cajunragdolls Chiricahua Spirit
Owner: Anne & Eric Paul & Katie Paul

4th Best- Keepurrs Skyler
Owner: Christie Lyons

5th Best- USADOLLS September Tribte
Owner: Debra Case & Brianne DeFoe

6th Best- Catlana Democrat of USADOLLS
Owner: Debra Case & Brianne DeFoe

7th Best- USADOLLS Final Victory
Owner: Debra Case & Brianne DeFoe

8th Best- Dollheaven Incredibly Debonair
Owner: Pat Doss

9th Best- USADOLLS Yankee Doodle Oopsie Daisy
Owner: Debra Case & Brianne DeFoe

10th Best- Absolutedolls Zeus of Kittenhaven
Owner: Dawn Moline

BEST- Dollhouse Denver Blues of Kebekat
Owner: Isabelle Bellavance2nd Best- Bluegrasrags Southern Pride
Owner: Cindy Carpenter

3rd Best- Kittyhaven Sweet Suzi Q
Owner: Dawn Moline

4th Best- KyDolls Bonny Lassie
Owner: Lori McLaughlin

5th Best- Kauffman Hunter of Angelheart
Owner: Laura & Frank Oravec

6th Best- MiKittens In Like Flynn
Owner: Marlys Bartling

7th Best- Kauffman Tianna Marie
Owner: Linda Kauffman

8th Best- Romance’s Enchantress
Owner: Heather Goepfert & Phil Nardi

9th Best- Celestrail Theodore Bearance
Owner: Lynne & Steve Chmelar

10th Best- Bellapalazzo Issac
Owner: Mindy Ferreira



BEST in Show-
Riterags Soliel Lune of Brightone
Owner David Nudleman2nd BEST in Show-
Riterags James Bond
Owner: Jennifer Gibson

3rd BEST in Show-
Arcticblue Coppers Last Stand
Owner: Shelley Wood

BEST in Show-
Furreal Streakers Hope
Owner: Mary Riddell
2nd BEST in Show-
Rockinblues Love Me Tender
Owner: Jeanie Brook
3rd BEST in Show-
Usadolls September Tribute
Owner: Debra Case/Brianne DeFoe
BEST in Show-
Dollhouse Denver Blues of Kebekat
Owner: Isabelle Bellavance2nd BEST in Show-
Adorabledolls Classico Romeo
Owner: Harvey & Linda Watters

3rd BEST in Show-
Bluegrasrags Southern Pride
Owner: Cindy Carpenter