9th IRC Announcements

* September 2014 *
*** 9th IRC RESULTS ***

Kittens –

BEST: Chiffondolls Carlos Santana (Breeder and Owner Brigitte Jean-Duguay)
2nd BEST: Chiffondolls Marquis of Lacatdolls (Breeder Brigitte Jean-Duguay / Owner Jane LaCarte)
3rd BEST: Riterags Blazing Star of Appleton (Breeder Deborah Parks / Owner Terri Breton)
4th BEST: Chiffondolls Miss Mathilda (Breeder and Owner Brigitte Jean-Duguay)
5th BEST: Riterags Mozart of Dollinska (Breeder Deborah Parks / Owner Lisa Steegmueller)

Champions –

BEST: Kebekat Kahlua (Breeder and Owner Isabelle Bellavance)
2nd BEST: Cajundoll Comanche Warrior (Breeder and Owner Anne & Eric Paul)
3rd BEST: Angellkats Jack Frost (Breeder and Owner Carole & Treadwell Lewis)
4th BEST: Cajundolls Chief Standing Bear (Breeder and Owner Anne & Eric Paul)
5th BEST: Pagatos Roxie of Chiffondolls (Breeder D Link-A Wright-M King / Owner Brigitte Jean-Duguay)

Alters –

BEST: Bordeaux Ltd Enzo Purrari (Breeder Elizabeth Thurman / Owner James Flanik)
2nd BEST: Bordeaux Ltd’s Carroll Shelby (Breeder Elizabeth Thurman / Owner James Flanik)
3rd BEST: Lacatdolls Brave Horatius (Breeder and Owner Jane LaCarte)
4th BEST: Cajundolls Willie (Breeder and Owner Anne & Eric Paul)
5th BEST: Cajundolls SY (Breeder and Owner Anne & Eric Paul)

* August 2014 *

Having just arrived home this weekend from Somerset NJ by way of Niagara Falls & Door County Wisconsin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many members of the 9th International Ragdoll Congress (IRC) Committee who work very hard to make this 9th IRC the very best it could be. This committee worked as hard as any committee I have ever worked with to make this congress as seamless as possible. they went above and beyond the call of duty.

It has always amazed me how you can organize a Ragdoll Congress using a committee of people from all over the country, they never see each other, but only communicate using the internet or telephone. Yet on the day of the congress it all comes together, everything arrives on schedule and is set up and ready to go when the show starts.

I would like to give you just a taste of how things work out and then come together. JaNeil got the congress off to a great start by signing Dr. Niels Pedersen PhD as our keynote speaker who also agreed to speak following the banquet. She did all this while never leaving Colorado. Peggy & Mark Schidler & Cindy DeWolfe made the fabulous Gift bags in California, the gorgeous brochures were made in Florida by Brianne DeFoe, the beautiful Rosettes were set up and ordered by Jill Hopper in Tennessee, Our photographer Mark Vollmer came from Minnesota and will be making his photos available for viewing soon. The best Breed Booth we have ever had was put together and brought to the show by James Flanik, our web site was kept up to date by Brigitte Jean-Duguay from Canada. Isabella Bellavance our CFA Breed Council Sec’y. gave us a very informative Breed Seminar, Kathleen Burke from Michigan maintained our Facebook page, Lori McLaughlin from Kentucky found some great tours in the area for those who wanted to combine a vacation with the congress. Ken Staples did a great job as Chairperson for the congress in setting up the Banquet which was excellent. Our Treasure Lisa Barsalona did a great job keeping our income in balance with our outgoing money. You all have my deep appreciation for all your hard work in making this congress a fun event for everyone. There will be an article covering the 9th IRC in the next issue of the Ragdoll World, which will deal with the many events within the congress.

The entire IRC committee really deserves a lot of praise and thanks for a job well done.